SBT Series: Submounts

sbt photoSubmount materials include quartz, alumina, aluminum nitride, kovar and beryllium oxide. Applications include heat sinks, standoffs, height matching, bonding pads, and jumpers. Custom sizes, patterns and shapes available to your design specifications in thicknesses from 3 to 100 mils and beyond.

Submount Part Number Assembly

Example: Compex Series SBT, dielectric type C-28, .020” x .020” x .006”, gold, cut to size, .0002” thickness tolerance SBT Part Number Assembly

Submount Material Properties Chart

Quartz Alumina AIN Kovar BeO Si
Compex Material Code C-20 C-30/35 C-28 KVR C-25 C-22
Coefficient of Thermal
Expansion (ppm/°C)
6 6.7 4.6 5.86 7.5 0.56
Thermal Conductivity
1.6 26 170 17.3 270 1.38 (SiO2)

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Dimensional Tolerance: Standard is .001” for length, width, and thickness. Tighter tolerances down to .0002” are available.

Kits available for design development