CompexCAD - Compex Capacitor Designer

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Using CompexCAD

The user interface has been designed to be intuitive, with few actions that require a confirmation button or keystroke. The designer interface is separated into two main sections as shown below.

CompexCAD Screen Shot

The left pane contains the physical and electrical design parameters of the designed capacitor. This includes the dimensions, material system, and capacitor type. In addition, a comparison system is included in this section which allows the user to save a part, continue to design, and then compare that part in electrical performance to the current part. The bottom of the design pane includes the capacitor 3D rendering view. The user may tilt (left mouse) and zoom (scroll wheel) the view at any time. Controls for the dimensions (W, L, T) will also appear automatically upon placing the mouse over this region.

The right pane contains the simulation result. Simulations automatically run any design parameter changes. The results are further subdivided into tabs that provide insight into the series s-parameters, shunt s-parameters, SPICE and smith chart categories. The last pane contains advanced simulation settings including step size, sweep range and fixed temperatures and frequencies.

The view in each result pane can be configured using the buttons along the bottom. Outputs include effective capacitance, S21 and S22. The x-axis value is selectable as either frequency (default) or temperature.

Note: In V1.0, the selection of temperature or frequency for the swept parameter affects all output plots (e.g. both shunt and series simulations).

Print Mode

While the design interface is convenient for analysis on a modern wide-screen monitor, it does not translate well to a printable format. For this reason a “Datasheet Preview” mode is provided, accessed through the Toggle button on the top left of the control panel.

Design parameters can still be changed in the print preview mode. It is not required that the user switch back to the design mode to change a dimension or material; the interface will automatically update while in preview mode.

Note: Printing may require enabling background images on several browsers. When the print button is selected, a dialog describing how to change these settings is provided for the user’s convenience. This is a well-known issue in modern browsers.

CompexCAD Print Mode Screen Shot